Monday, January 22, 2018

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Recreations Outlet

Recreations Outlet

What a brilliant idea to use their showroom as an indoor playcenter with equipment like no other facility. My kids literally bounce from one thing to the next. They love the trampolines, the huge slides, the rock walls, the plastic motorcycles, the bongie chord spinning and bounce chair, and two person boat swing. Read More »

McDonald Commons Park

McDonald Commons Park

McDonald Commons Park has the best and longest monkey bars! There are lots of things to climb and crawl through in both playgrounds that are next to each other by the covered picnic tables, and there is lots and lots of sun. All the trees are actually behind the softball fields and that is where you find the beautiful trails, creek, and wooden bridge. This is a wonderful Madeira neighborhood park. Read More »

Ault Park

When someone says, "Let's meet up at Ault Park" they are usually talking about the gorgeous, shaded, big playground to the right at the top of the hill surrounded by a forest of trees, but Ault Park actually offers much more than just a beautiful playground. There is the observatory which over-looks all of Cincinnati, the picturques pavillion, and trails too. Read More »

Stephan Field

Stephan Field is a wonderful, shady, wooden play land with lots of swings, a variety of slides including the most fun tiny rolling pipe slide, tire swing, and hanging hand rings. I have seen kids of all ages here with big smiles and hours full of imagination. Read More »

Run, Jump, -n- Play

Run, Jump, -n- Play is a huge warehouse with different areas of fun. Their amazing 10,000 foot showroom has about 12 different kinds of quality redwood backyard playsets. Brilliant! And they have the Inflatable Amusement Rooms containing 3 inflatables in a 4,000 square-foot area (Pirate Ship, the biggest shark, and Dolphins). And last but not least, they have Glow Bowling and Glow Mini Golf. Yes, dark & florescent. Read More »

Coney Island

Coney Island's website says, "Coney Island is unique as it not only was the name of the New York resort that was the center of the amusement park universe in the early part of the century, but also the name of the famed amusement park in Cincinnati, OH, which is regarded by many as one of the best operated amusement parks in history." Yes, it's a big, fun, and unforgettable amusement park where you can enjoy a day in their Sunlite pool (the world’s largest recirculating swimming pool), ride over 20 classic family and kiddie rides, or enjoy live music. Read More »

Bob Meyer Park

This is a great, safe, neighborhood public park next to the Rockwern Academy off Montgomery Road. It is big enough to tucker them out, but small enough to be able to actually have a seat on one of the two wooden benches and watch your kids play and play. Read More »