Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Cincinnati Art Museum

Cincinnati Art Museum

"One of the oldest arts institutions in the United States, the Cincinnati Art Museum has a rich collection of more than sixty thousand works of art, spanning six thousand years." AND from the eyes of a parent, the Cincinnati Art Museum is so much more. It is an inspiring and educational playground that has even the smallest of kids appreciating masterpieces of art, fun prizes, and being creative. Read More »

EnterTrainment Junction

EnterTrainment Junction is like an amusement park for train lovers young and old. The entrance ticket price feels a little like an amusement park too, but this is a must-see attraction/museum for anyone living in or visiting Cincinnati. From our first step in past the ticket agent, we were in awe at the amazing minature world they had created for us to walk through and explore as we answered their printed scavenger hunt questions. Read More »