Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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The LEGO Store in Kenwood Towne Centre

The LEGO Store in Kenwood Towne Centre

There is a NEW Lego store in the Kenwood Towne Centre! It's upstairs near Macy's & Pottery Barn Kids. Not only are they offering the latest and greatest Lego build sets, they have a "Build your own minifigures" station set up right there for your kids to build and purchase 3 little lego people to take home. It's not a very big store, but they do have a small box of legos set out that the kids can play with while visiting the store. And their back wall or "Pick A Brick" wall is very cool! Read More »

Museum of Natural History and Science

The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is home to three of the greatest Museums in the world - The Duke Energy Children's Museum, The Cincinnati History Museum, and The Museum of Natural History and Science. It is truly impossible to enjoy all three museums in one day, let alone one to it's fullest, but be sure to see the "Caves" and the giant "Sandbox" at this museum. Read More »

Krohn Conservatory

A friend of mine once said, "If you are looking for a little warmth in winter, go to the Krohn Conservatory." We have enjoyed many winter and summer days here, walking through this gorgeous huge glass green-house filled with all kinds of plants from Florida palm trees to bonzi and orchids. It's the perfect place to leave your winter jacket at the door and take in a breathe of fresh air mixed with the perfumes of nature. Read More »

EnterTrainment Junction

EnterTrainment Junction is like an amusement park for train lovers young and old. The entrance ticket price feels a little like an amusement park too, but this is a must-see attraction/museum for anyone living in or visiting Cincinnati. From our first step in past the ticket agent, we were in awe at the amazing minature world they had created for us to walk through and explore as we answered their printed scavenger hunt questions. Read More »