Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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Cincinnati History Museum

The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is home to three of the greatest Museums in the world - The Duke Energy Children's Museum, The Cincinnati History Museum, and The Museum of Natural History and Science. There is literally not enough time in one day to visit all three museums, but be sure to go into this museum to see the amazing model train display of Cincinnati back in the 40's, as well as go downstairs to play with the interactive wooden toy boats traveling the "Little Miami River"... oh, and walk through the life-size steam boat. There is nothing boring about this "History" Museum and it is extremely kid-friendly. Read More »

Sellman Park

There are so few parks today surrounded by trees, but Sellman is not one of them. It is nestled within a wooded forest behind the Madeira Middle School, and it is an easy and shaded park to go to with the kids. Read More »

River Downs

River Downs

The excitement of live horse racing is fun for all ages, but River Downs makes it's track more than just betting counters, it is a place for family entertainment at the minimal price of your own wagers. The thrill of the over head announcer, your fingers clasped on the fence surrounding the track, the cheering crowds, the jockeys, and the horses racing past you literally arms length away make the magic of horse racing come alive at River Downs any day of the week. Read More »

Toot’s Restaurant

Toot's is a fun place for kids. They offer a FREE eat-in Hot Dog Basket with Saratoga chips or french fries, Ice Cream and coloring sheet for kids under 10 EVERYDAY! So we always walk in and ask the front host for 5 dollars in quarters. The kids eat FREE and then get to play video games or the candy drop machine to their hearts content (or at least until the $5 run out). The atmosphere is your typical sports bar but with more of a family-friendly twist. We love going to lunch or dinner here. Read More »

Graeter’s Ice Cream

An All American classic and Cincinnati founded business, Graeter's is the ultimate ice cream store for kids of all ages, young and old. If you are visiting Cincinnati, this is a must, must, must yummy eat! Read More »

Shaw Farms

On their website, Shaw Farms says, "Providing the Milford-Cincinnati area with farm-fresh produce through the summer and family entertainment in the fall," and our experience was more than these words even begin to describe. It was a magical time of year, when the morning fall air was cool and foggy. We went on a school field trip, and it was one that I know both me and my son will never forget. Read More »

Krohn Conservatory

A friend of mine once said, "If you are looking for a little warmth in winter, go to the Krohn Conservatory." We have enjoyed many winter and summer days here, walking through this gorgeous huge glass green-house filled with all kinds of plants from Florida palm trees to bonzi and orchids. It's the perfect place to leave your winter jacket at the door and take in a breathe of fresh air mixed with the perfumes of nature. Read More »