Monday, April 23, 2018

Esther Price Candies

Esther Price Candies & Gifts

Esther Price Candies & Gifts

Address: Multiple locations in IL, IN, KY, OH, TN and Dayton-Cincinnati area grocery stores.
Address Reviewed: 7501 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236 (Stand alone Esther Price building)
Phone:     (513) 791-1833    

I have past this Esther Price store, which looks like a a home, many times (off Montgomery road), and every time I think to myself (because I couldn’t say it out loud with the kids in the car), “I really want to go to that candy store. I’ve got to stop one day.” Finally, that day came.

Typical Day: The famous quote ”Like a kid in a candy store” must have been written by a parent entering an Esther Price candy store with their child. The smell of chocolate and pure sweetness is overwhelmingly delicious. It is nothing like walking into a generic chocolate store in the mall. If feels like home and smells like… heaven. (This description coming straight from a dessert-o-holic).

We were greeted by chocolate sample dishes at the front door, and rows of individual wrapped candy to purchase by the pound. When I told the kids they could pick out any two pieces, they were thrilled. At first I was worried that the kids might knock something over or touch something they shouldn’t, but the staff was friendly and offered more samples for the kids.

It must have been the week after Easter because all the Easter candy was 50% off. The most amazing assorted creme filled chocolate eggs were something like $0.65 cents. They were as large as my hand, and I bought several yummy flavors. When we checked out, the kids were still munching on chocolate and the cashier gave them their two pieces of candy for free.

What a treat for the kids AND MOM! I highly recommend stopping next time you see the sign or … at least pick up a box at Kroger.

Cincy Kids: APPROVE!

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