Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Kid-friendly Stores

Joseph-Beth Bookstore

Joseph-Beth Bookstore

The Joseph-Beth bookstore is a beautiful, colorful, and happy place to visit for storytime Monday, Wednesday, or Fridays at 10:30AM or to just go on a rainy day and spend time browsing the kids "half" of their store getting lost in the ailes of books or their large selection of education toys, puppets, and one-of-a-kind gifts. Read More »

Jungle Jim’s International Market

Jungle Jim's is like a grocery store amusement park. Yes, it does have a regular "American" section for those people looking for items you'd find at any local Kroger, but the huge amazing warehouse of a building has ailes and ailes of international foods, yummy treats, decorated ceilings, and one-of-a-kind products from over 75 countries. Read More »

The LEGO Store in Kenwood Towne Centre

The LEGO Store in Kenwood Towne Centre

There is a NEW Lego store in the Kenwood Towne Centre! It's upstairs near Macy's & Pottery Barn Kids. Not only are they offering the latest and greatest Lego build sets, they have a "Build your own minifigures" station set up right there for your kids to build and purchase 3 little lego people to take home. It's not a very big store, but they do have a small box of legos set out that the kids can play with while visiting the store. And their back wall or "Pick A Brick" wall is very cool! Read More »

Shaw Farms

On their website, Shaw Farms says, "Providing the Milford-Cincinnati area with farm-fresh produce through the summer and family entertainment in the fall," and our experience was more than these words even begin to describe. It was a magical time of year, when the morning fall air was cool and foggy. We went on a school field trip, and it was one that I know both me and my son will never forget. Read More »

McDonald’s in Loveland

This McDonald's is all about the indoor playcenter. It is worth a few more minutes in the car to have the same happy meal I could have 1 mile from my house, but... this McDonald's is the only one for miles where you can find the sun shine on your kid's face on a rainy day. Read More »

Esther Price Candies

I have past this Esther Price store, which looks like a a home, many times (off Montgomery road), and every time I think to myself (because I couldn't say it out loud with the kids in the car), "I really want to go to that candy store. I've got to stop one day." Finally, that day came. Read More »

Cookie Cutters

This is an absolute must haircut place for your kids. It is soooo worth the couple extra dollars to have them jump up and down when I say it's time for a haircut. Read More »