Monday, April 23, 2018

Choo Choo’s Restaurant

Choo Choo's Restaurant

Choo Choo's Restaurant

Address: 7701 Railroad Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45243
Phone: (513) 272-2466

Choo Choos used to be a train depot built around 1870 and now is a family-friendly neighborhood restaurant with a great outdoor patio and railroad memorabilia inside and out. It is located by the rail-road tracks in Madeira where an occassional slow moving train passes by on the CSX line. Inside this small restaurant, a model train runs all day on tracks built along the high ceiling. The definitley cater to the kids with a basket of kids toys and books available to entertain the future enginers at their table during breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and don’t forget to pick up a lolipop or tootsie roll on the way out. All American food, all American restaurant.

high ceilings and is packed with railroad memorabilia inside and out. A model train runs overhead and if you time it right, a real train might thunder past on the CSX line outside.

Cincy Kids: APPROVE

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