Saturday, February 24, 2018

Parky’s Farm

Parky's Farm at Winton Woods

Parky's Farm at Winton Woods

Address: 10073 Daly Road, Cincinnati, OH 45231
Phone: (513) 521-7275

Info: FREE (with Hamilton County Park Yearly Pass which is $5/yr). 100-acre demonstration farm that includes orchards, gardens and crops. Live farm animals such as goats, pigs, sheep, chickens and horses. Working windmill and an antique farm equipment display. Parky’s PlayBarn: an indoor, two-story, farm-theme, accessible playground with soft safety flooring (Cost: $2.50/child). Pony rides and wagons (Fees may apply). Covered picnic tables. Outdoor playground with fire pole.  A hiking trail.

When the weather is just right… this is a wonderful and relaxing day out with the kids. Spring, Summer or Fall, it is 100 Acres of beautiful peace and it offers so many activities for the kids.

Special Events: I know they have special events year round but we happened to catch their amazing Halloween festival in October with hay rides, carnival spook house, puppet show, hot chocolate, and more.  In April and May, we discovered that they offer assisted fishing for the kids on their small deck by their pond. The fishing association helping the children, let the kids pull in the fish, hold them and release them back to the pond.

Typical Day: First we put sunscreen on and pack a lunch. We start at the playbarn, where there are benches for Mom and tons of slides to jump-in the ball pits, and rope climb throughs. Then we move on to the petting farm and brush the goats or hold the chickens. (There are convenient clean bathrooms and hand sanitizer dispensers available.) Then we roam the fields of vegetables playing hide-n-seek or take a tractor ride or hike the small natue trail. We have a lunch stop somewhere along the way, and we always find our last stop at the 2-story outdoor play ground. They are never bored and the entire farm/park is designed to be an easy and enjoyable day out in nature with kids of all ages. 

Cincy Kids: APPROVE!

parkys2 Working Windmill parkys4 

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