Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Blueberry Picking at Green Acres Nursery


Blueberry Picking at Green Acres Nursery & Landscaping

Address: 5700 Kyles Station Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Phone: (513) 777-8330

Info: Green Acres Nursery And Landscaping, Inc. is a full service garden center, landscape design and installation service. They have been serving Liberty Township and Butler County for over 14 years. They offer West Chester and Liberty Township’s largest selection of trees and shrubs. They have an extensive variety of shade, ornamental and blooming trees ranging in size from container trees up to 4” Caliper balled and burlap trees.

Apparently, Green Acres is new to the “Blueberry Picking” fun and they are planning to plant more crops aimed towards the seasonal U-pick crowd, but we found them and had so much fun in July… picking blueberries. It was $10 for 3 quarts, and we drove across the street to the fields of blueberry bushes where we spent our morning hunting for the bluest and ripest blueberries to pick. The younger kids picked from down below, while the grown-ups didn’t even have to bend down (definitely PLUS for the back). Before we knew it, our quarts were full and we were ready to go home to wash them and fix our favorite desserts including yummy smoothies.

Cincy Kids: APPROVE!

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