Saturday, April 21, 2018

Blue Ash Nature Park

Blue Ash Nature Park & Amphitheatre

Blue Ash Nature Park & Amphitheatre

Address: 4433 Cooper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45242
Phone: (513) 686-1270 Park, (513) 745-8550 Recreation Center

Info: The Nature Park and Amphitheatre is a 12 acre park that is located behind the Recreation Center. The main entrance to the Nature Park is located on Cooper Road, between the Municipal & Safety Center and the Blue Ash Presbyterian Church. There are six picnic shelters that are available for rental (for residents and businesses of Blue Ash), five playground areas, and a mulch nature trail.

Shady… with five parks in one… perfect for any summer day. There are swings and clean bathrooms, a huge covered picnic table area, and even trails. Another great park in Cincinnati that offers lots to do for the short attention span kids like mine.

Typical Day: Trees, trees, and more trees. What a concept… trees to shade the playground equipment so that it is not too hot to touch. My kids actually call this the Birdhouse park where you’ll find decorated birdhouses on every tree… and there are lots of trees. The Blue Ash Nature Park actually consists of five different and all fun playground park areas connected by a small trail. There is a large playground next to the covered picnic tables right when you first walk up and swings too. Then you can walk past the bathrooms (great PLUS) and past the ampitheatre to another large playground area with bridges, slides, and a really high up tire swing. Across from that second playground area is an infant playground designed for the smaller ones to enjoy smaller slides and a sandbox. And finally, if you continue the circle trail over a wooden bridge, you’ll find the most shaded small playground which has one slide and rock wall. Surrounding the park are trails for the explorers who enjoy holding a walking stick and finding hidden treasures like catepillars.

This park is not so large that you lose track of  your kids, but with a packed lunch it offers a full day of outdoor play without baking in the sun.

Cincy Kids: APPROVE!

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