Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cincinnati Fire Museum

Cincinnati Fire Museum

Cincinnati Fire Museum

Address: 315 W Court St, Cincinnati, OH 45202 (Downtown)
Phone:      (513) 621-5553

Info: Adults  $7.00, Seniors (65+) $6.00, Children (6 -17) $5.00. Children 5 and under FREE general admission with adult/senior admission.

Cincinnati is rich with history and this building/museum is another example of over 200 years of American growth. My kids have always loved the parks with fire poles and finally, they got to actually go down the real deal.

Typical Day: Yes, there are a few “Do Not Touch” signs, and the entire museum is not that big, but if you coupled this activity with maybe also a day out at Sawyer Point park (also downtown), there are lots of memories to be made, imagination play to be dreamed up, and good photo opportunities here.

Kids 5 & under are FREE, but I did have to pay $7 for myself. The museum takes about 15 minutes to circle (with preschoolers), but we did find the life-size fire pole that they were allowed to go down, and they did that about 20 times each (Photo Op). We also saw a short 10-minute Disney film on “Fire Safety” which I requested at from the front cashier to put on for us in their down stairs TV viewing area. And finally, we spent a good 15 minutes playing in the life-size cab of a modern fire engine (Photo Op)! The children wailed the siren, flashed the lights and pretended to “drive” to a fire.” At first, I thought this kind of noise might disrupt the other “quiet” patrons, but then… I decided to let them be kids and enjoy Mom’s $7 “siren wail”.

This was definitely an interesting museum and I am glad to say that we have seen it. In the future, we may return for a whole new adventure to actually read and learn about the history of this Cincinnati Fire Museum :-) but of course, the kids will need to know how to read by then.

Cincy Kids: APPROVE!

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