Wednesday, March 21, 2018

River Downs

River Downs

River Downs

Address: 6301 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
Phone: (513) 232-8000

Info: Free Admission and Free General Parking 7 days a week. April through September.  The RaceBook opens daily at 11:30 am and closes after the last race is completed.

The excitement of live horse racing is fun for all ages, but River Downs makes it’s track more than just betting counters, it is a place for family entertainment at the minimal price of your own wagers. The thrill of the over head  announcer, your fingers clasped on the fence surrounding the track, the cheering crowds, the jockeys, and the horses racing past you literally arms length away make the magic of horse racing come alive at River Downs any day of the week.

Typical Day: My kids love to stand in the short lines with Dad to make their $2 bet. They always choose the number of their age or the horse with the funniest name. We have no rhym or reason to our betting, expect to have fun. The starting gates move around to different locations on the track throughout the day, so inevitably, the gates make their way right in front of us at one point where we can literally see the River Down staff closing each horse in place before the bell sounds “And They’re Off!”

There is a new race every 15 to 20 minutes, so on our down time we usually get ice cream or ride the FREE pony rides back by the jockey stables. There are always kids with roller skates or scooters swirling around on the pavement in-front of the covered bleachers (and speaking of covered bleachers – we love to race up and down them or stand back and enjoy the old-time swing band of talented retired musicians whom take up a few rows.)

Cincy Kids: APPROVE

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