Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Lunken Airport Playfield

Lunken Airport Playfield

Lunken Airport Playfield

Website: or or
Address:  4750 Playfield Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45226
Phone: (513) 321-1772 or (513) 321-6500

Info: Next to the Lunken Airport, this Cincinnati Recreation Commission site offers Reeves Golf Course with 18-hole regulation and nine-hole par-3 golf courses, driving range, miniature golf, tennis courts, 6.5 miles of trails, a children’s playground, and the “Land of Make Believe”. Plays at a little over 6,000 yards.

Lunken Airport Playfield can either be a one hour adventure playing miniature golf (Yes, they have putt-putt) or an entire day of outdoor fun. The “Land of Make Believe” is a beautiful fairly new park that costs $1 per person to enter as you pass through the front air-conditioned building which has clean bathrooms – always a PLUS – and concession snacks and drinks. There are trees and lots of shade, multiple playground areas, swings, monkey bars, slides, covered picnic tables, benches, and a great tall fence surrounding it making it completely safe for kids of all ages to roam in truly their own Land of Make Believe.

And Yes, there is a miniature golf course which is $3 per person and it is associated with the Tennis building just down from the Land of Make Believe. The putt-putt golf is also shaded, landscaped, and decorated with the most adorable obstacles like huge frogs, trains, and bridges to putt your ball through. It is also fenced in which allows some peace of mind that even if the littler ones, that are not as “competitive” to the game, stray… they will not go too far.

Cincy Kids: APPROVE!

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