Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Bob Meyer Park

This is a great, safe, neighborhood public park next to the Rockwern Academy off Montgomery Road. It is big enough to tucker them out, but small enough to be able to actually have a seat on one of the two wooden benches and watch your kids play and play. Read More »

Bechtold Park

Yet another fun park to visit. There isn't much shade, but there are lots of things to do. There are several covered large picnic table areas, there are two large playgrounds (which we sometimes drive from one to the other), swings, basketball courts, and ... your child's imagination. Read More »

Duke Energy Children’s Museum

The Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal is home to three of the greatest Museums in the world - The Duke Energy Children's Museum, The Cincinnati History Museum, and The Museum of Natural History and Science. There is literally not enough time in one day to visit all three museums, but this museum is literally "Kids World" like you've never seen it before. Read More »

U.S. Grant Birthplace

Since we have had less than 50 presidents in the history of the United States, you would think that there would be only one president from each state. However, Ohio is known as the "Mother of Presidents" because 8 American presidents came from Ohio and Ulysses S. Grant is one of them. Read More »

McDonald’s in Loveland

This McDonald's is all about the indoor playcenter. It is worth a few more minutes in the car to have the same happy meal I could have 1 mile from my house, but... this McDonald's is the only one for miles where you can find the sun shine on your kid's face on a rainy day. Read More »

Dulle Park

Like a hide-away that not many people have discovered yet, this park is more than just a playground with covered picnic tables, it is also a natural playground with a small and "kid-friendly" creek for skipping stones. If the sun is out, and you're looking for a spot to park it in the shade... this is the peaceful park to go to. Read More »

Esther Price Candies

I have past this Esther Price store, which looks like a a home, many times (off Montgomery road), and every time I think to myself (because I couldn't say it out loud with the kids in the car), "I really want to go to that candy store. I've got to stop one day." Finally, that day came. Read More »

Parky’s Farm

When the weather is just right... this is a wonderful and relaxing day out with the kids. Spring, Summer or Fall, it is 100 Acres of beautiful peace and it offers so many activities for the kids. Read More »

Cookie Cutters

This is an absolute must haircut place for your kids. It is soooo worth the couple extra dollars to have them jump up and down when I say it's time for a haircut. Read More »