Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Graeter’s Ice Cream

An All American classic and Cincinnati founded business, Graeter's is the ultimate ice cream store for kids of all ages, young and old. If you are visiting Cincinnati, this is a must, must, must yummy eat! Read More »

Shaw Farms

On their website, Shaw Farms says, "Providing the Milford-Cincinnati area with farm-fresh produce through the summer and family entertainment in the fall," and our experience was more than these words even begin to describe. It was a magical time of year, when the morning fall air was cool and foggy. We went on a school field trip, and it was one that I know both me and my son will never forget. Read More »

Lebanon Mason Monroe Railroad

LM&M's website says "Experience a nostalgic train ride on the Lebanon Mason Monroe (LM&M) Railroad through Warren County in Southwestern, Ohio. The LM&M invites you to reminisce and capture moments with family." LM&M offers several themed train rides year round, but when we heard Thomas the Tank Engine was coming, we bought tickets online for our family of four, as well as Nana & Papa, and truly enjoyed the magic when beloved characters come to life. Read More »

Krohn Conservatory

A friend of mine once said, "If you are looking for a little warmth in winter, go to the Krohn Conservatory." We have enjoyed many winter and summer days here, walking through this gorgeous huge glass green-house filled with all kinds of plants from Florida palm trees to bonzi and orchids. It's the perfect place to leave your winter jacket at the door and take in a breathe of fresh air mixed with the perfumes of nature. Read More »

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream

It is all about the Real Ice Cream. Their flavors are delicious, unique, and mixed with everything from key-lime pie, cotton candy, chocolate chunks, cheese cake, and so much more. It is out of this world good and worth making a special drive to get some ice cream at Brusters. Read More »

Blue Ash Nature Park

Shady... with five parks in one... perfect for any summer day. There are swings and clean bathrooms, a huge covered picnic table area, and even trails. Another great park in Cincinnati that offers lots to do for the short attention span kids like mine. Read More »

Boone County Arboretum

This Free beautiful tree park is fasinating with a large playground and miles of paved trails weaved around the most unique trees you'll ever see. However, please mark in your day planner that even though it is a "Tree" park, there is not much shade. It is, however, an entire day of learning and reading tiny signs that is one of a kind compare to any other park. Read More »